Wednesday, November 17, 2004

what will u do when nothing is going ur way

Talk to ur parents and they release all their stress on u, try to do a new recipe and it turns out to be the biggest blunder in cooking, ur car doesn't respond to the remote and it has water below the driver seat, . . . . . try to lock the car and it unlocks and sprangs up like the kid who doesn't like being disciplined . . . . call the dealer and start driving (who is more than 30miles away), the lights inside start flickering like an indian horror movie (Ramsey movies/shows to be more precise) and yes they go off too and come back on flickering again after sometime . . . . the warning lights come on and yell "all the doors of the car are open" and that too they come in series one after another open, passenger side door open, luggage compartment open), started to wonder if the roof of the car was intact and I believe it was as there was no indications on the display. The lights that are supposed to do "blink blink" don't blink (I mean indicators), wondering if I shld have used the god given way to change lanes (I mean use the hands) but it was raining so decided to do the Indian way(none at all), gawd knows if the brake lights were working specially when there was a huge white truck tail gating me and I was trying to take the exit, to top it all it starts making noise as though am honking, while my hands were busy controlling the steering wheel and trying to pray (with eyes open, of course) at the same time, thank god nobody showed the finger to me or followed me to my destiny or sent me to my final destination ahead of time. Try to get a rental car and all the cars are out and none available (can u believe there are 10's of rental companies and 100's of rental places and none of them have a rental car, I know, I know "murphy's law"), thanks to some good friends manage to find a ride and reach office just to realize the machine that was supposedlyrepaired is still flaky. The machine that was supposedly good reboots on its own and no idea what data was saved or lost. Try doing a remote login and the error pops up - "maximum no. of connections exceeded".

Just wondering if I had enough to write the day off or something more is yet to come and guess what it wasn't over.

anyways, its all for the spiritual growth :)