Friday, June 26, 2009

Recession Birthdays

There used to be a time in Austin when we used to buy multiple cakes for a single birthday. You guessed it right; one was for smashing on the face, messing up the kitchen floor and the other one for "celebrating" the birthday. But now times are hard and days are tough so we celebrate multiple birthdays on the same day.

Here's what happened, yesterday was the birthday of dear S Mathur and we gathered at Mt. Bonnell to celebrate the same. We were merrily celebrating his b-day and suddenly I realized I had become the center of attention and we celebrated my birthday along, which is not due for a few more days. Since we had extended till my birthday we extended a bit further and celebrated Priya's mom's birthday also, which I believe is some time in July.

In short we celebrated 3 birthdays at the cost of one, isn't that the true example of cost cutting and tough times.

Here are some pics for you to enjoy.

Decorated Mathur

me cutting the cake

Priya's mom enjoying her time

Thursday, June 25, 2009

No posts in a while

I haven't posted any blogs in a while, If I think what happened, I can come up with a few possible reasons
  • there isn't much intersting things hsppening around me that I would like to comment on
  • I have stopped thinking
  • I am watching too much TV and becoming dumb every day.
  • Texas heat

If you ask my wife she will go with reason of TV but me, I will go with no thinking or less thinking.Well, Me and S are visiting Niagara Falls this weekend, I think I will get motivated after the trip and come back to blogging.