Sunday, April 02, 2017

Parking and parking

The Indian store on William C near Walgreens in setup in a real tight and heavy traffic area. Good for them for they seem to be getting great business and at the same time bad for us for the parking limited and those available are meant for extreme compacts let alone minivans. But that tight parking doesn't seem to bother lot of us for more than once I have witnessed a minivan trying to fit into a compact space, one time some guy parked his Odyssey so close to my sedan that there was literally 4 inches between the cars.

Yesterday was the peak when a lady squeezed her minivan between 2 cars hoping to avoid hitting one car but in the process got herself jammed with the car on the other side. She got so badly stuck that there was no way for her to getout without causing considerable damage to either her car or the other parked car.

I think the problem is 2 fold, one is our in built greed to park right in front of the store and walk the minimal distance to get in and out of the store. Second is the banning of one time use carry bags by the City of Austin. More than likely people forget their multi use carry-bags (like I do 100% of time) and our local Indian stores unlike HEB doesn't sell either.

So, solution to the cars getting damaged is for the Indian stores to start selling multi use carry bags :).